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Summer in Freiburg: Celebrate and Relax Outside

Vacation with guaranteed sun: Experience Freiburg from its sunniest side

Summer in Freiburg means being outside – day and night. The Mediterranean climate of our city radiates a vacation atmosphere and is a huge factor in why the people here have such a sunny disposition. Enjoy the old town, the Münstermarkt (cathedral market), and the fantastic view from the Schlossberg in the bright sunshine, refresh your feet in the Dreisam, and celebrate Freiburg’s warm summer nights with us!

Rotes Zelt des ZMF
Rotes Zelt des ZMF - © Klaus Polkowski

Summer vacation in Germany: Where to go?

You don’t have to hop on a plane to get in the sun. You can also enjoy the Mediterranean climate in the sunniest city in Germany – Freiburg. Here, summer, sun, and full sunshine await you. In addition, the city offers numerous opportunities to experience an eventful summer: delicious ice cream, cool beer, bathing lakes, music events – everything your heart desires.

When does summer begin in Freiburg?

At the beginning of summer, temperatures reach the 86 degree mark and the people of Freiburg are drawn outdoors. Late into the night, people sit outside and enjoy the warm summer ambiance – completely relaxed with a cool beer or dancing under the starry sky. You should definitely do 10 things on your trip to Freiburg in the summer.

Freiburg: Enjoy a refreshing summer

The Dreisam, Bächle, & bathing lakes at the foot of the Black Forest

Due to its location, summer in Freiburg can absolutely keep up with the temperatures of southern European countries. With Mediterranean temperatures in the summer months, you get a real vacation vibe. Wondering where you can go swimming in Freiburg? Finding refreshment on hot summer days is child’s play in Freiburg. The Bächle, narrow streams that ripple through our old town, invite you to refresh your hands and feet.

If you go to the Dreisam, you’ll sit on the green riverbank among Freiburgers, while the numerous bathing lakes in the surrounding area offer a pleasant cool-off for water lovers big and small. You can also find 7 ways to cool off in Freiburg during the summer here.

Freiburg: Summer events and festivals

Celebrate with us in the open air!

Freiburg really celebrates the summer – the event calendar is especially full in the warm part of the year. Experience the savoir-vivre of the city and enjoy the Freiburg summer outdoors: over a locally brewed beer at the Schlossbergfest or a glass of “Kalte Sofie” at the wine festival! And people travel from all over Europe to the legendary ZMF (Zelt-Musik-Festival or Tent Music Festival). Celebrate with us

Feiernde Menge beim Sea You Festival in Freiburg

Summer in Freiburg

A summer full of sunshine, Freiburg feelings and events


Fotogener Freiburger Sommer: Die schönsten Orte für den Sonnenuntergang

Freiburg not only counts many hours of sunshine a year, but can also boast beautiful places where you can enjoy the sunset. The view is both wonderfully romantic and a fantastic motif for your vacation photo album. We’ve listed the 10 most beautiful photo spots where you can enjoy the sunset in Freiburg.

Sonnenuntergang Schauinsland
Sonnenuntergang Schauinsland - © TillMartin-Freegraphy

Freiburg in the summer: What the perfect day looks like

Want to see as much of Freiburg as you can in the shortest possible time? Not a problem, thanks to short distances between places and the numerous activities on offer.

Eat an ample breakfast in the old town, stroll through the cathedral market, enjoy Baden cuisine with regional wines and dishes in the evening – these are just a few of the many pastimes that make up the perfect summer day for us in Freiburg ausmachen. Come along!

Frau beim Lesen auf dem Kanonenplatz, Schlossberg
Frau beim Lesen auf dem Kanonenplatz, Schlossberg - © FWTM

Discover Freiburg without a car

The beauty of Freiburg in the summer is that you don’t need a car to explore the city. Many roads in the old town are closed to motorists anyway. Stroll through the city center – this way, you can wander undisturbed through the beautiful alleys and streets.

Those who prefer to be on the move on two wheels will also get their money’s worth in Freiburg. Thanks to the well-developed cycle path network of the bicycle-priority route, you can reach every hotspot in the city quickly and easily.

Freiburg Fahrradstation
Freiburg Fahrradstation - © FWTM-Düpper