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Springtime vacation: time for a trip to Freiburg

Spring is one of the best seasons for taking a trip to Freiburg. When nature reawakens in March and the sun lifts everyone’s spirits, Germany’s sunniest city offers countless things to see and do for singles as well as couples. Discover the best leisure activities for your springtime vacation!

Freiburg von Oben
Freiburg von Oben - © FWTM-Baschi-Bender

Springtime vacation: where to?

Nutzen Sie Ihren Urlaub dafür, das eigene Land zu entdecken! Was bietet sich als Reiseziel besser an, als die sonnigste Stadt Deutschlands? Bestimmt haben Sie es schon oft im Wetterbericht gehört: das schönste Wetter gibt es meistens in Freiburg. Fragen Sie sich, an was das liegt? Nun, Freiburg ist die südwestlichste Großstadt Deutschlands. Somit liegt es Südeuropa und dem mediterranen Klima am nächsten.

Freiburg Blick aufs Münster
Freiburg Blick aufs Münster - © FWTM-Baschi-Bender

When does spring begin in Freiburg?

Spring kicks off in Freiburg on March 20 in grand style. As the city with the most hours of sunshine, not only have tulips and daffodils long since put in an appearance by this time, but the bustle of city life has slowly begun to return to the streets as well. Whether you are traveling alone or with your partner, you should definitely do these 10 things in the spring!

Frühling-in-Freiburg: Blühende Bäume
Frühling-in-Freiburg: Blühende Bäume - © FWTM-Antal

How warm is it in Freiburg in the spring?

Framed by the Black Forest to the east and the Vosges to the west, Freiburg is situated in the Upper Rhine rift valley. With a southwesterly current, Mediterranean air from the Vosges pampers the city with mild temperatures while winter apparel is still necessary in the rest of Germany. With a little luck, it is entirely possible that Freiburg will see temps crack 20 degrees Celsius in the spring.

Frosch auf der Mauer
Frosch auf der Mauer - © FWTM-Escher

Vacation in March: nature reawakens

Freiburg is also known as the “gateway to spring.” Making its way up to Germany from Southern Europe, spring first extends its green feelers towards Freiburg, bringing new life to the city and nature. Numerous hiking trails and bike tours to the Kaiserstuhl or through the Dreisam valley are the perfect way to experience the glorious arrival of spring. Anyone looking for a thrill should definitely join a longboarding tour and surf their way from Himmelreich through the Dreisam valley into the city center.

Longboard Fahren in Freiburg | Frühling
Longboard Fahren in Freiburg | Frühling - © drew-hays-161811-unsplash

“The people of Freiburg are fun-loving, cheerful, pleasant, and hospitable,” Wilderich Weick remarked back in 1839. He was right – and they are still this way today!

Vacation in April: the beginning of Freiburg’s asparagus season

Freiburg is the city of wine. And what pairs better with a Grauburgunder or a fruity Riesling than fresh asparagus and Kratzete – a specialty made of torn pancakes? Whether you purchase it at the Cathedral farmers market or enjoy it freshly prepared in one of the many seasonal wine taverns known as  seasonal wine taverns known as  Straussenwirtschaften or at a restaurant, you can feast on asparagus dishes to your heart’s – or rather your stomach’s – content. Read the article about eating asparagus in Freiburg here.

Spargel essen in Freiburg: Weißer Spargel
Spargel essen in Freiburg: Weißer Spargel - © FWTM-Antal

Go for a walk afterwards down the medieval Konviktstrasse, one of the 10 most beautiful springtime spots, and succumb to the intoxicating scent of cascading Chinese wisteria. You could also visit the Freiburg Frühlingsfest (Spring Festival) at the Mundenhof during your April vacation!

Paar von hinten in Konviktstraße
Paar von hinten in Konviktstraße  - © FWTM-Escher

Vacation in May: fun and adrenaline at the Freiburg Frühjahrsmess’ (Spring Fair).

Indulge in your newfound lust for life at the Freiburg Spring Fair. Treat yourself to a ride on the carousel or the Ferris wheel and let your inner child run wild.

Karussell auf der Freiburger Mess
Karussell auf der Freiburger Mess - © FWTM-Bender

Freiburg’s spring nights for night owls

After an eventful day, it’s time to enjoy the mild spring evening. Night owls will find a cozy little spot to watch all the action in the city’s numerous bars and pubs.

Wein und Bächle
Wein und Bächle  - © FWTM-Escher

A car-free springtime vacation

Not only can you get to Freiburg quickly and easily by train or by plane, but you can also forget about needing a car once in the city. That’s because Freiburg is extremely popular among cyclists thanks to such perks as the bicycle-priority route. The extremely well developed network of bike paths means you can get anywhere in the city on your bike in no time. And if you don’t have your bike with you, no problem – you can simply borrow one from the rental station.

Feel like exploring the city on foot? That’s also an option in Freiburg, for example by going on an exciting theatrical tour or some other city tour. You can quickly reach locations a bit farther away, such as Freiburg’s local mountain, the Schauinsland, by bus and train.

Radfahrer fährt an blühenden Bäumen vorbei
Radfahrer fährt an blühenden Bäumen vorbei  - © FWTM-Schoenen

Our tips for the perfect springtime vacation

Springtime events