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Photo spots in Freiburg: 10 spots for the perfect springtime vacation photo

To help you avoid having to look high and low for good photo ops, we present the 10 most beautiful spots. Snap wonderful pics as souvenirs while discovering our city’s beauty at the same time!

InstaWalk Freiburger Münster
InstaWalk Freiburger Münster - © FWTM-Antal

#1 Schlossberg tower

To enjoy the stunning panorama from the top of Schlossberg tower, you will first have to climb 251 steps. Once you have managed that, however, you are treated to an impressive view over the city, the vineyards, and the Dreisam.

Schlossbergturm Freiburg
Schlossbergturm Freiburg - © David Lohmueller

#2 Konviktstrasse

Visit Konviktstrasse in early May and admire the magnificent Chinese wisteria in blossom, which cascades fragrantly over the medieval lane.

Paar von hinten in Konviktstraße
Paar von hinten in Konviktstraße  - © FWTM-Escher

#3 Wasserschlössle castle

Situated above the Wiehre district is the small castle known as the Wasserschlössle. Both its gorgeous facade and the impressive view over the Old Town are real eye-catchers.

Freiburg-Wasserschlössle - © Jochen-Tack

#4 Schauinsland

Hop on the Schauinsland cable car to go up to the top of Freiburg’s local mountain, rising 1,284 meters into the sky! From the Schauinsland, enjoy the view over the Rhine valley, the Kaiserstuhl, and the Vosges.

Schauinslandbahn Gondel
Schauinslandbahn Gondel  - © FWTM-Antal

#5 Cathedral tower

Climb the Gothic cathedral by going up 333 stairs! Back in 1869, Jacob Burckhardt described the Cathedral’s 116-meter west tower as the “most beautiful spire in Christendom.”

Blick auf das Freiburger Münster
Blick auf das Freiburger Münster - © Baschi-Bender

#6 Schloss-Café

Take a break at the top of Lorettoberg, high above the rooftops of Freiburg! You can refuel with cool refreshments or coffee and cake on the sun terrace.

#7 Jesuitenschloss (Jesuit Palace)

Amid orchards and vineyards, you will find the restaurant of the Jesuit Palace. Enjoy a unique view stretching from the Upper Rhine to the Black Forest, all while treating yourself to regional dishes.

Außenansicht-Jesuitenschloss - © Triargos-Netzwerk-GmbH

#8 Klein-Venedig (Little Venice)

The idyllic lane between Martinstor (Martin’s gate) and Schwabentor (Swabian gate) is affectionately referred to as “Little Venice.” But be careful when strolling along the canal – a crocodile is rumored to have made a home in the babbling water!

Obere Altstadt
Obere Altstadt  - © FWTM-Schoenen

#9 Erentrudiskapelle (Erentrudis Chapel)

At Tuniberg’s southeastern end, next to the 271-meter Kapellenberg, the Erentrudis Chapel rises up on a small plateau above the Munzingen district. Standing in front of this very special little church, you will delight in a view that stretches out into the distance: from the Kandel to the Blauen, in the south to the Jura, and in the west past the Rhine woodlands over to Alsace and the Vosges.

#10 Wiwilíbrücke (Wiwilí Bridge)

Wiwilí Bridge connects the Stühlinger district with the Old Town. An average of 8,000 people per day bike their way over the blue iron framework bridge. Let your gaze wander over the towers of the Herz-Jesu-Kirche (Sacred Heart Church) and the Schönberg, and become part of the vibrant hustle and bustle!

Freiburg Blick auf Wiwilibrücke
Freiburg Blick auf Wiwilibrücke - © FWTM-Antal