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Freiburg for early risers

Freiburg’s leisure activities and excursions for early birds

“Just the babbling of the bächle and the cheeps of countless sparrows can be heard in the charming, cobblestone streets. I breathe in the fresh morning air and feel the first sunbeams of the day warm my face.”

As the shops of the picturesque houses in Klein Venedig (Little Venice) open their doors, the bächle cleaners begin their work and the stallholders of the Münstermarkt (Cathedral Market) neatly stack up fruit and vegetables, the day slowly begins in Freiburg.

Watching a city wake up is a special experience, and Freiburg has very special leisure activities and excursion destinations for every active, early riser. Getting up early is worth it!

Wake up, get set, go!

Discover the city on the "fast track"! Three times a week, the morning run club meets at 6:45 am. Together you can jog along Freiburg's top attractions, such as the Wiwilíbrücke, the Schwabentor (Swabian gate) and the Bächle (gutters). A tip for fitness enthusiasts: separate from the group at the Cathedral and run up the Schlossberg (Castle mountain). At 450 meters above the city you can enjoy the day's first rays of sunshine and the wonderful view over Freiburg.

You prefer swimming to running? On our list of Freiburg swimming pools you will find all indoor and outdoor pools where you can start swimming your laps at 6 or 7 in the morning.

Unique experiences in the morning

Freiburg's "Frühkunst" (early art) is certainly one of the most extraordinary events of the local art scene. On the first Friday of every month the Museum für Neue Kunst (Museum of contemporary art) opens its doors at 7:15 am. One of the curators of the respective special exhibition will introduce you to a single work in detail.

We recommend: afterwards, have breakfast in the attached café or make your way to Münsterplatz. Just in time to witness merchants, farmers and producers of regional specialties start to nicely stack their goods on wooden stalls. Be the first in line for Stefan's cheesecakes or start your morning with the famous Freiburg Lange Rote sausage!

Keep going and walk through the city park to the old cemetery, with some luck you will solve the mystery of the "sleeping beauty". Fresh flowers have been placed at the grave of Caroline Christine Walter every day for the last 150 years, but who is the mysterious admirer?

Frühkunst im Museum für Neue Kunst

Early art at the Museum of contemporary art