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Freiburg beer

Enjoy of a tour of one of Freiburg's largest breweries and witness the beer brewing process at first hand. A cold beer and some Baden cuisine promise relaxation on a pleasant summer's evening in one of Freiburg's many beer gardens.

Interesting facts on Freiburg’s beer history

Difficult though it may be to believe, the art of brewing had a difficult start in Freiburg. Around 1780, many Freiburgers complained about the import of foreign beer and even spoke out against the settlement of other master brewers. The critics agreed: Everyone liked the local wine so much that the city would not need any beer. But times change. Nobody would want to miss the Baden wine, still, but Freiburg beer has just as many fans.

In the 18th century, three family breweries were founded that would play an important role in Freiburg’s beer history: the former Löwen Brewery, the Ganter Brewery, and the Feierling Brewery. The last two still exist today. Back then, the Ganter Brewery was founded by the 24-year-old Ludwig Ganter. He was considered a pioneer, the first to buy new machines that revolutionized the art of brewing in Freiburg. In 1877, Julius Feierling founded his craft brewery, which was still named “Zur Insel” in its early days: this is where the first light beer was brewed. Freiburg has also had a large craft beer scene for many years now.

Freiburg beer: Fun facts

  • In the 18th century, Ludwig Ganter bought the first refrigeration machine to Freiburg, allowing him to brew beer all year round.
  • The name of the bottom-fermented beer “Freiburger Pilsener” is taken from the city itself.
  • Even today, the draft beer for Ganter restaurants in Freiburg’s Old Town is delivered with a horse-drawn carriage.
  • The brown bottles, which are also filled with Freiburg beer, allow less UVA radiation to pass through. This can promote the so-called “light taste” of the beer.
  • What goes particularly well with an ice-cold beer? Exactly – a bratwurst. Funnily enough: The cheapest bratwurst in the Bundesliga is available from SC Freiburg, for example, and costs 3 euros.
  • In addition to excellent beer, the region also has wonderful wine to offer. If you can’t decide which you prefer, you don’t have to. The Ganter Brewery came together with the Alte Wache (House of Baden Wines) to create “wier” – an aperitif made of wine and beer.
Frau mit einer Flasche
Frau mit einer Flasche "Wier" - Kreation aus Bier und Wein - © FWTM-Antal

Beer gardens in Freiburg

Do you like to spend warm summer nights in the beer garden? Freiburg not only has numerous beautiful locations to offer where you can enjoy a cool beer, but also the right weather. Freiburg is considered the sunniest city in Germany, and one of the warmest places in the Federal Republic.

When many beer gardens in other regions of the country have already closed, you can still enjoy the beer in Freiburg outside, usually in wonderful autumn
weather. In the Ganter Beer Garden, you can even bring your own food and rent a grill to enjoy the delicious beer with grillables. For a fantastic view of the Old Town up to the Rhine plain, you should visit the Kastaniengarten at Greiffenegg Schlössle on the Schlossberg.

Breweries in Freiburg

Some breweries in Freiburg can look back on a long history, including the Ganter Brewery and the Feierling Brewery. New breweries have also established themselves in Freiburg: The founders of the Braukollektiv Freiburg, who come from three different continents, have been brewing tangy craft beer since 2014. They’re also among the initiators of the “Craftival” in Freiburg. The Martin's Bräu brew house has been around since 1989. The master brewer brews a new craft beer every month.

Beer events in Freiburg

Want take a look behind the scenes and learn more about beer in Freiburg at a beer event? Then don’t miss the brewery tour by the traditional, family-run Ganter Brewery – naturally, you can also try the various varieties at a beer tasting. In addition to exciting brewery tours, you will find many other beer-related events in Freiburg.

Craft beer in Freiburg

With eight craft beer breweries at present, Freiburg is Germany’s craft beer capital. While beer consumption is declining in Germany, craft beer from Freiburg enjoys great popularity in the city and beyond. The brewers know each other and, together with the Braukollektiv, founded the “Craftival.” Since 2015, numerous breweries from Germany, France, and Switzerland have been presenting their craft beer specialties at this craft beer festival in Freiburg.

If you won’t be in town during the “Craftival,” you can visit Andrea Seeger - beer sommelier and operator of the Craftbeer Lodge – or the Bierhandlung beer shop for a craft beer tasting in Freiburg.