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Freiburg – Shopping to indulge all the senses

From the small, owner-operated shop to regional designers to the radiant splendor of international brands – Upper Old Town invites you to shop and has something to offer for everyone.

Freiburg – Shopping to indulge all the senses
This special flair makes shopping in Freiburg into a one-of-a-kind experience. A stroll along the commercial canal – down Fischerau and Gerberau toward Konviktstrasse – is highly recommended. Baroque houses, historic cobblestones, and the network of Freiburg Bächle with their picturesque ambiance offer the ideal setting for discovering the shops of the Upper Old Town.

Visitors who find their way from the lively Kaiser-Joseph-Strasse to Fischerau will immediately get the feeling of tradition and modernity, the fashionable and the classic merging into an exclusive coexistence just a few meters away. The successful arrangement of individual shops, lovingly staged stores, and traditional handicraft businesses in historical surroundings form the perfect backdrop for shopping in Freiburg’s Old Town.

Pärchen mit Einkaufstüten schlendert durch Gässle
Pärchen mit Einkaufstüten schlendert durch Gässle  - © FWTM-Düpper

Isabella León Fashion – The whole world of evening dresses in Freiburg

Isabella Gerorgian’s evening dresses can be described as downright spectacular. The passionate tango dancer presents exclusive evening and cocktail dresses in her Freiburg dress shop, Isabella León Fashion, on Fischerau. Inspired by the joy of dancing and living, these lovely creations are naturally self-designed and hand sewn. No wonder, then, that there can only be one answer to the question of where to buy evening dresses in Freiburg. Isabella León Fashion is much more than a Freiburg dress shop – it’s also the only place customers can find “Irregular Choice”-brand shoes.

Frau mit Shopping-Tasche
Frau mit Shopping-Tasche - © FWTM-Duepper

Honey Gallery – Golden nectar for your health

Just a few meters further – still on Fischerau – awaits the next highlight, the Honig Galerie Heldt (Heldt Honey Gallery). Since the middle of last century, this honey shop has become a true institution in Freiburg. Upon entering the Honey Gallery, the delicious scent of the golden syrup is literally in the air. The range of honey on offer is impressive – from honey from Black Forest cherry blossoms to New Zealand Manuka honey, produced from the tea tree and possessing antibacterial properties.

The honey shop in Freiburg offers a wide range of all kinds of sweets, candles, and wellness and health items made with pollen and royal jelly. If you have time, the owner Lisa Heldt likes to serve high-quality chocolates, making for a unique tasting experience. They’re sinfully delicious and ensure that the memory of shopping in Freiburg will be a lasting one.

Regal mit verschiedenen Honigvariationen
Regal mit verschiedenen Honigvariationen - © FWTM-Cozort

Etcetera – Costume jewelry, hats, and accessories

A few meters ahead in Etcetera, you will find designer hats, costume jewelry, and plenty of accessories to discover. It’s not for nothing that owner Maureen Winterhager’s motto is, “Discover the diva in you!” For more than 36 years, Winterhager has been an institution in Freiburg for costume jewelry and eye-catching hats. The fashion spectrum ranges from vintage to the avant-garde.

Bunte Schmuck-Ohrringe
Bunte Schmuck-Ohrringe - © FWTM-Schoenen

Heritage Barber Shop – Traditional Freiburg hairstyling

Entering the Heritage Barber Shop will take customers on a journey through time, so to speak. To the 1930s. It immediately becomes clear: “This is no normal Freiburg barber!” From a nearby gramophone booms cheerful Dixieland jazz, and the barbers are scissor acrobats – true barbers – preferably from Italy.

In Freiburg, they’ve brought the high art of the barber to the city center. They cultivate the tradition of the barber, completely free of hipster attitude, but rather authentic and always friendly. No show to it. You can find that next door at Barlebens Handspiel-Tierfiguren (Barleben’s Animal Hand Puppets). Dogs, sheep, mice, foxes, and plenty of other characters are waiting to be played with.

Freiburg Heritage Barber Shop
Freiburg Heritage Barber Shop - © Heritage Barber Shop

GAF-GAF – Sustainable jewelry shop in Freiburg

The Freiburg version of shopping along the commercial canal: slowed down. Restaurants and shops invite you to linger and peruse. If you’re looking for even more peace and quiet, leave the Freiburg shopping spots behind and turn right towards the Adelhauser Klosterplatz (Adelhauser Monastery Plaza). Here, the background noise is reduced to almost zero. Inside the church you can find peace and quiet away from shopping in Freiburg at pleasant temperatures.
Then Freiburg shops are waiting again on Gerberau. Offering anything but mass-produced goods is GAF-GAF. This Freiburg jewelry store is difficult to pin down. In addition to jewelry, the shop also offers original and custom bags, textiles, home accessories, and even lampshades made of natural materials. Handcrafted? But of course! The Freiburg bags come from Bali. Annette Billharz buys directly from the manufacturers, letting her ensure a good livelihood for local workers and exert influence in terms of design, development, and quality.

Buntes Schaufenster des Geschäfts Gaf Gaf
Buntes Schaufenster des Geschäfts Gaf Gaf - © Gaf Gaf

Spielzeugladen Holzpferd – Highlight for children

The fact that shopping in Freiburg is even a pleasure with children will become apparent no later than the next stop. Soap bubbles will show the way, coming from the Spielzeugladen Holzpferd (Wooden Horse Toy Store). At the toy store entrance, a large plush bear blows the round, soapy water into the air, visible from afar. This Freiburg toy store has a history reaching back more than 50 years. A visit resembles a journey back in time. Defying modern trends, the store’s wooden toys will bring memories of one’s own childhood to life.

Buntes Schaufenster Spielzeugladen Holzpferd
Buntes Schaufenster Spielzeugladen Holzpferd - © FWTM-Escher

Feierling Biergarten – Parlor under the chestnuts

Visitors to the Feierling Biergarten (Feierling Beer Garden) will see just how warm and folksy fun can get in Freiburg. Under the blue sky and in the shade of old chestnut trees, you can enjoy life to the fullest – preferably with a snack and a delicious glass of beer. Alternatively, there’s the island. Traditional pubs such as the Sichelschmiede serve Baden specialties and regional wines.

A stone crocodile in the Gewerbebach (Commercial Stream) watches the scene of chestnut trees, historic buildings, and shops for antiques, books, fabrics, and jewelry. The small house with the round roof dates to the 16th century, and used to be a real oil mill. Today, it’s the location of the Goldschmiede in der Oelmühle (Goldsmith in the Oil Mill) workshop.

Freiburg Biergarten Pärchen trinkt Bier
Freiburg Biergarten Pärchen trinkt Bier - © FWTM-Düpper