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Freiburg strolls to discover and explore

Exciting strolls through the city give you the opportunity to get to know the full variety of Freiburg.

Solo, as a couple, or in a group – we’ve put together strolls through the city to let you get to know Freiburg on your own, considering aspects such as:

Blick auf die Stadt Freiburg und das Freiburger Münster
Blick auf die Stadt Freiburg und das Freiburger Münster - © FWTM-Bender

Discover, explore, and experience – located in the Breisgau region, Freiburg is Germany's southernmost major city and the fourth-largest city in Baden-Württemberg. Nestled at the foot of the Black Forest, Freiburg is a collection of historic gems with a colorful history. Freiburg, the city of Bächle and home of the Cathedral, has a variety of attractive offerings for guests and visitors.

No matter whether you're interested in sports or culture, if you feel like a shopping tour or if you prefer the comfortable ambiance of a delicious meal. Freiburg is an experience that is always worth a trip.

Allein, zu zweit oder in der Gruppe – wir haben für Sie Streifzüge durch die Stadt zusammengestellt, bei denen Sie Freiburg unter ganz speziellen Aspekten und auf eigene Faust kennenlernen können:

Blick auf die Stadt Freiburg und das Freiburger Münster
Blick auf die Stadt Freiburg und das Freiburger Münster - © FWTM-Bender

Entdecken, erkunden und erleben – Freiburg im Breisgau ist die südlichste Großstadt Deutschlands und die viertgrößte Stadt in Baden Württemberg. Am Fuße des Schwarzwalds gelegen, ist Freiburg ein historisches Schmuckkästchen mit einer bewegten Geschichte. Freiburg, die Stadt der Bächle und Heimat des Münsters, macht Gästen und Besuchern vielfältige und attraktive Angebote.

Ganz gleich, ob Sie Sportler oder ein kulturinteressierter Mensch sind, ob Sie Lust auf eine Einkaufstour haben oder ob Sie die Gemütlichkeit bei einem leckeren Essen bevorzugen. Freiburg ist ein Erlebnis, das immer eine Reise wert ist.

City Experience

Freiburg is a major city, just not your typical one. In this Breisgau region metropolis, the past, present, and future all strike up a unique combination. Historical buildings, picturesque alleys and lovely Bächle make an impressive statement about the history of the city. Accentuated, modern buildings of a high architectural level prove that Freiburg has successfully embarked on the path to modernity. At the same time, the city on the Dreisam has already initiated the transformation into lifestyles of the future. Not only is the Green City an essential part of the Freiburg mix, it also stands to reason for both economical and ecological success.

In Freiburg, life and recreation go hand in hand. Parks and leisure facilities such as the Colombipark or the Old Cemetery create near-natural compensation sites in the city area which, together with numerous other green islands in the city, invite you to stroll and linger.

Freiburg für Familien

Entdeckungstouren durch die Stadt für Groß und Klein, vielfältige Shopping-Erlebnisse oder einfach mal entspannt Essen gehen. Bei einem Familienurlaub müssen viele verschiedene Bedürfnisse abgedeckt werden, damit die Reise zu einem echten Highlight wird.

In Freiburg können Action und Stadterlebnis perfekt miteinander kombiniert werden – denn mit der direkten Anbindung an den Schwarzwald ist ein Ausflug in die Natur jederzeit möglich. Zum Sonnenaufgang auf den Schauinsland, am Mittag eine Schnitzeljagd durch die Gässle von Freiburg oder ein Besuch im Museum und am Abend den Tag mit einem gemeinsamen Essen ausklingen lassen. Schnell und einfach können Fahrräder ausgeliehen und eine schöne Radtour durch die umliegenden Weinberge mit anschließendem Picknick unternommen werden.

Auch bei Schlechtwetter gibt es in Freiburg einiges zu entdecken, sodass es niemals langweilig wird.


Angled alleyways, charmingly babbling Bächle brooks, and the towering Freiburger Münster (Cathedral) will make your stay in the city a true pleasure. No wonder gourmets feel so comfortable in the city on the Dreisam: Freiburg has a great deal to offer epicureans in terms of food and drink. The Lange Rote (Long Red) – Freiburg’s crisp, signature grilled sausage – can be found at the Münstermarkt (Cathedral Market) and has even achieved a bit of celebrity. The Cathedral Plaza sausage enchants the palates of Freiburg’s visitors and is often considered the city’s smallest landmark.

Freiburg’s dining scene uses fresh regional ingredients and celebrates Baden cuisine. The best proof of the city's culinary identity is a visit to the Cathedral Market. The seasonal wine taverns known as Straussenwirtschaften, which open their doors and courtyards in spring and autumn, are also typical of Baden. Here you can find good, traditional fare and regional wines. Fans of the amber nectar will also get their money’s worth in Freiburg: from home-brewed pilsner to unique craft beer creations, the scene has a lot to offer.


In a unique, historical setting, Freiburg offers plenty of shopping opportunities – combined with the option of soaking up the city’s special flair. Away from the big retail chains and far from the hustle and bustle of the big city, pretty boutiques and owner-operated shops in particular offer the opportunity for unique shopping experiences. The lively Münsterplatz (Cathedral Plaza) also offers visitors a wide variety of regional products. During an extensive stroll through the Old Town, culture and shopping form a unique symbiosis and merge into a fascinating overall experience.

Art and culture

Freiburg is a nationally significant place for art and culture. Numerous museums invite guests to an informative journey through the culture of human history. Beyond that, the Theater Freiburg offers theater, operas, and concerts on the main (Grosses Haus) and small stage (Kleines Haus). Several other stages give artists of all disciplines the opportunity to perform before broad audiences. Numerous studios, exhibition halls, and galleries show that Freiburg has a lively art scene.

From classical music to jazz, pop, and rock, Freiburg has also earned a nationwide reputation as a music city. The density of outstanding orchestras, ensembles, and choirs is higher than in any other city. Jazz, rock, and pop find numerous stages in clubs, pubs, or in the open air in Freiburg. Speaking of open air, in Freiburg, art can also be found in public spaces: the artistic spectrum ranges from the humorous to the reflective.

Nature, Exercise and Health

The location of Freiburg itself is a promise for a variety of leisure activities in the heart of nature. As the most-visited vacation destination, the Black Forest is the most important tourist region among the Central German Uplands. With its prominent location, the city is often referred to as the gateway to the Black Forest. The wooded location invites visitors to explore the city and its surroundings by mountain bike, for example.

Or you can make use of the characteristic good weather for a city tour through Freiburg. Families can also enjoy a leisurely bike tour to the beautiful Dreisam valley. In all of this, there is the opportunity to be active in the fresh air and enjoy the charms of the untouched outdoors.

And if you don’t have a bike on hand? Just borrow one. After all, there is Frelo – with Freiburg’s bicycle rental service, you too can get mobile. Or you can explore the area on foot. As the gateway to the Black Forest, Freiburg is also an ideal starting point for hikes. The spectrum ranges from leisurely, family-friendly hikes and medium-difficulty tours to challenging routes in difficult topography.


Freiburg isn’t just the city of Bächle and home of the Cathedral. Today, the city bears the undisputed, unofficial title of Germany's environmental capital. Along the Dreisam, sustainability is of the utmost importance. As a cross-cutting issue, sustainable development affects all areas of life in the city. Freiburg is in the third phase of the municipal "Zukunftsstadt” (Future City) competition, and has agreed on a total of 60 sustainability objectives currently in implementation.
These objectives include improvements to interrelationships between mobility, health, and the environment, budgeting for things like expansions to sidewalks and bike lanes. At the same time, the city’s position in business and science is to be expanded and culture and sports strengthened. Moreover, Freiburg is committed to environmental protection.

The city's Vauban District is of particular importance in terms of sustainable living: the model project enjoys worldwide significance and, with the help of an effective passive construction method, produces more energy than its residents consume.