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Trips and tour guides

Anne Schmieder-Matten Gästeführung

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Are you particulary interested in art and history? In addition to the main highlights we will also show you the less known treasures in this border triangle. Are you planning a school trip? Are you organising a club or company outing or a supporting programme for a conference? If you cannot find anything suitable in Freiburg, Colmar, Strasbourg, in the Black Forest or the Vosges Mountains, along the Baden and Alsatian wine routes, we can spend the day in the Swiss Mountains, at Lake Lucerne, Zurich or Basle.
Let us prepare a tour for you which is as individual as your favourite dish.


Black Forest Tours

Black Forest Tours caters to English-speaking visitors to Freiburg, the Black Forest and nearby Alsace region in France. Each tour is customized to your needs. We cater to individuals and small groups. If you don’t see yourself on a bus with 50 other people, hitting every tourist spot whether you like it or not, you have found the right partner. At Black Forest Tours we listen to your wants and needs, then provide options from which you can choose what to see and at a pace appropriate for you. Experience The Black Forest like a Local. Even if it's only for a day.


Welcome to Blackforest

We offer guidances for familys, individuals traveler and groups in Freiburg and border triangle in arabic language. Needless to say, we also assemble tours according to one’s wishes.  We are able to organisate an access to superb medical care as well.


رحلات بالغابة السوداء ، سويسرا و فرنسا

مع المرشدة السياحية فتيحة نيرواين

أهلا و سهلا بكم زائرينا الكرام.

يسعدنا تقديم كل الجهد و العون و الخدمات من أجل إرضاء متطلباتكم و رغباتكم في تنظيم رحلات سياحية

فردية ، جماعية او عائلية في أهم المدن الألمانية إضافة إلى بعض المدن الأوربية المجاورة بفرنسا و سويسرا.

عبر تواصلكم معنا تحصلون كذلك على أفضل خدمات الطبية

أترك نفسك لمفاجآت الرحلة معنا

بالطبع فإننا نكيف رحلاتنا المتنوعة بالتنسيق معكم بناء على رغباتكم وطلباتكم الخاصة.



Tel. +49 761  600 616 30

Nasentrompeter (a sculpture called nose trumpet player) or Schäufele (shoulder of pork) - Freiburg and its surroundings have plenty to discover. Cittalino offers you city and Minster guided tours in Freiburg - informative, appealing and varied events for large and small groups as well as families. To school classes, children and youngsters, we offer specially designed roundwalks. On request, the city roundwalk may be rounded off by a guided tour through the Augustinermuseum. Apart from facts worth knowing about art, culture, history and legends, you will also be introduced to the South Baden way of life.



Freiburg Kultour is the official partner of the city of Freiburg since 20 years and with more than 50 professional tour guides your best contact for your personal Freiburg experience. Whether you are looking for a classic city tour, culture-historical tours, historical live performances with actors or tours for people with impairments – we will gladly accomodate the suitable program for your stay in Freiburg. We can also join you to all lovely destinations in the Black Forest, the Alsace, and Switzerland. Our motto: Know more, see more, experience more!



Small groups, young dedicated guides, and lots of fun await you on our guided tours. You'll experience Freiburg in a special way with us: We'll tell you some fascinating stories, explore the charming "olde worlde" streets and lanes with you and introduce you to some of the local wines. Our motto says it all: Discover Freiburg! Our culinary tasting tours to Freiburg's daily farmers'market are proving to be a real winner amongst tourists and locals alike. Your eyes and ears are in for a real treat and you'll also get to taste some of the culinary delights this region is so famous for! We are very flexible and can offer you a wide range of guided city and culinary tours as well as trips to Freiburg’s surrounding areas.



You are not fond of many dates and boring history lessons full of dull information?
With our tour guides you get to know the real and lovely city of Freiburg, the heart of the fairytale-like Black Forest and the picturesque Alsace.
Because we have far more to offer than being strictly German!



Bonjour-Allemagne, ce sont des visites guidées en français à partir de 3 personnes spécialement conçues pour des groupes francophones ! Que ce soit pour des adultes ou des enfants, en famille ou avec des amis, pour des groupes scolaires de lycéens, de collégiens ou d’écoliers, nous personnalisons votre visite guidée.
Avec Bonjour-Allemagne, découvrez la vieille ville de Fribourg, la cathédrale, le musée des Augustins ou le célèbre éco-quartier Vauban. Fribourgeoi(se)s de naissance ou d’adoption, nos guides francophones vous font partager leur passion pour cette ville attachante.
Approfondissez votre connaissance de Fribourg avec l’une de nos visites guidées thématiques. Marchez dans les pas des hommes et femmes célèbres de la ville, suivez les traces des Français à Fribourg, partez à la recherche des bâtisseurs du Moyen-Âge…
Vous souhaitez prolonger la visite ? Nous vous proposons des visites guidées d’un ou plusieurs jours afin de découvrir la Forêt Noire, le pays de Bade, l’Alsace et la Suisse. Contactez-nous!



FESTOUR, the company with the excellent and experienced guides, offers you exciting tours in Freiburg City, in the nearby Alsace/France, and in the surrounding Black Forest. Whether you wish to discover the secrets of the world famous “Isenheim Altar” in Colmar/France, or if you want to admire the breathtaking façade of the Straßburg Cathedral - or if you want to do a relaxing little boat trip or enjoy the taste of regional food specialities like the original Black Forest Ham or the seducing Black Forest Tart- with a guided tour of FESTOUR you won’t miss any natural,cultural or gourmet highlight!


ABC Guide

Dr. Petra-Angelika Rohde
Tel. +49 761 7038877
Fax +49 761 7038880

ABC Guide visits are exciting and highly entertaining. Wherever in Freiburg, Basel, Colmar or Black Forest, we can personalise your city trip or tour following your own interest or wishes. We are ready to advise you. It's also possible to book exciting topic tours in Freiburg such as "fairy tales from Black Forest" or culinary tasting tours. Discover with us the landscape and cultural diversities in Southern Baden and Alsace, our competent team is looking forward to meeting you.


Rundum Freiburg

You visit the old part of the town and get to know the buildings, the streams and the lanes. The cathedral, the former parish church, experienced several replannings in its more than 800 years of construction. The exciting history of change is shown in impressive and clearly visible examples, remarkably its stained glass windows. Guided tours to special topics in the surroundings of Freiburg are available