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Baden dialect for Neigschmeddge (non-Swabians)

When you hear the words Gschwelldi and Datschi, you think cartoon characters, right? You order a glass of wine and the waiter asks you if you want a Viertele?! No wonder you're confused. The Baden dialect is a composite of seven different dialect groups, which makes it hard to follow. To help you avoid any communication problems during your stay, we have translated the most common words.

Apfelküchle – apple slices dipped in batter and then baked/fried in clarified butter

Bibeliskäs (Bibeleskäs, Bibbeliskäs) – quark with herbs, goes well with boiled potatoes or "brägele" fried potatoes
Bobbele – No, this isn't something to eat, although they may look pretty tasty. A Bobbele is a native of Freiburg.
Brägele – fried potatoes, often with bacon or onions.

Chriäse – cherries

Datschi – plum cake

Flädle – added to soup, pancakes cut into strips

Guzele – candy
Gschwelldi – boiled potatoes

Hock – short for "Hockete" – sitting together. Hock is the name given to an outdoor festival with beer benches, regional wine and beer and simple Baden dishes, usually with live music.
Holder – elderberry blossoms

Iis – ice cream

Knöpfle – round spätzle (egg noodles)
Krummbieresupp – potato soup
Kratzete (Kratzede) – torn pancakes, pancakes torn into small pieces in the frying pan, also delicious as a dessert with powdered sugar and compote

Metzelsupp – sausage stock
Moscht – fruit juice (from grapes, apples or pears) usually already a little fermented

Nüsslisalat – lamb's lettuce

Pederle – parsley

Ridderli – a small piece of chocolate

Schäufele – Cured and smoked pork shoulder in the shape of a shovel. Often served with "Brägele" or potato salad.
Strauße (Straußenwirtschaft, Straussi, Besenwirtschaft) – seasonal restaurants run by wine-makers, serving home-made wine and simple home cooking.

Uffschnitt – different types of sausage cut into slices

Verisserli – a digestif
Viertele – a quarter liter of wine

Weckle – bread roll

Zibärtle – a schnapps made from wild plums