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The Black Forest maiden “Bärbele”, the “Rote Bur” and “Herzog Friedrich” guide through Freiburg, Glottertal and Freudenstadt. Dressed in a traditional costume, the Black Forest maiden will be guiding through Freiburg’s wonderful city centre, while the “Rote Bur” has many stories to tell about different kinds of delicious wine and what it is like to live in Glottertal; even the “Black Forest Clinic” is part of it. Duke Friedrich will be showing visitors around his hometown Freudenstadt, which takes pride in Germany’s largest market square. All tours include selected culinary stops where you can indulge in typical German food. Whether it is a reception with sparkling wine, coffee breaks or lunch, you can decide on the event’s activities yourself.



Since 1998, Historix Tours® has presented ghost walks and historical tours in Freiburg and Breisach. Apart from 30 tours in German, we offer two in English: “City, Gates and Storytellers”, a tour about the Middle Ages in Freiburg, guided by a medieval character, and “Graveyards, Ghosts and Murderers”, a ghost walk to Freiburg‘s spooky places. Tours in English without prior arrangement on selected days in the summer season only. Private bookings throughout the year are possible.