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Day 2

Today, you will pick up where yesterday's tour ended, at the Bertoldsbrunnen, which means Bertold’s Fountain, although it hardly looks like one. Known fondly as “Berti,” it is more a reference point for locals than a monument to the dukes of Zähringen. The fact that all of the city’s tram lines intersect here makes “Berti” the number one meeting place in Freiburg.

Freiburg is a university town and has been for 550 years. As you walk down Bertoldstrasse, you will pass the Uniseum (University’s Museum), which offers a fascinating exhibition on the long and exciting history of the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität. After the Universitätskirche (University Church), you will see the two main buildings of the “Albertina” (the university’s nickname) on the left and the first glimpse of the Universitätsbibliothek (University Library) in the distance. The dark glass facade of the controversial building resembling a black, finely cut diamond shimmers with the reflections of the surrounding historic buildings.

After this brief detour, continue past the Freiburger Stadttheater (City Theater) to the enchanting park of the Colombischlössle manor. Take a moment to enjoy the city's southern vibe, which is particularly apparent here in the midst of the garden’s lush flowerbeds, fountains and sculptures. The stately mansion of the former French Saint Louis bastion is still the focal point of the entire grounds. The sumptuous rooms of the romantic Art Nouveau-style palace house the exhibitions of the Archaeological Museum.

Before you spend the afternoon outdoors in nature, we recommend you get some refreshment. Take a short stroll, for example, to the nearby central station, where you will find the Radstation (Bike Station), a circular building with a rooftop terrace and a lovely café offering a superb view of Freiburg. The Bike Station is also an architectural attraction, and obviously revolves around locals’ favorite means of transportation. If you are interested in a cycle tour, you can quickly and easily rent a bike here and take a ride along the Dreisam River toward the Black Forest or other destinations.

But even without a bike, the Black Forest is still within easy reach. Your itinerary now takes you back past the Colombischlössle Park. Then follow one of the narrow streets leading to the Cathedral. Or take a longer walk across the Karlsplatz or along the Schlossbergring to the Stadtgarten (Municipal Park). Between picnic meadows and the rose garden is a small pond with a very special resident, the drake. This ceramic statue rises up from the middle of the water as a memorial to the air raid of November 27, 1944, when a drake allegedly began quacking loudly, warning Freiburg citizens and saving lives.

The valley station of the Schlossbergbahn (Schlossberg Railway) is located on the south side of the Municipal Park. In three minutes, you can ride up to the Black Forest, which begins just 180 meters above the city on the Schlossberg. From this vantage point, not only can you take in the spectacular view over Freiburg all the way to the Vosges Mountains, you can also stop for a bite to eat at the Dattler restaurant. If you have time, take a stroll along the forest path up to the Kanonenplatz, which also offers a wonderful panorama. In the summertime, we recommend watching the sunset and enjoying a beer in the Schlossberg’s beer garden.

Did you enjoy your stay in Freiburg? We hope so and look forward to welcoming you again soon!