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Eating asparagus in Freiburg: where to find the best asparagus and how we eat it in Baden

Eating asparagus in Freiburg is part of the typical Baden way of life, not to mention one of the items on our list of “The 10 nicest things to do in Freiburg in the spring.” Read on to find out all you need to know about this healthy and versatile veggie.

When is asparagus season in Freiburg?

Asparagus season in Freiburg begins in late March. You now have until St. John’s Day on June 24 to enjoy many delicious dishes featuring the “king of vegetables.”

Spargelanbau in Freiburg
Spargelanbau in Freiburg - © shutterstock-barmalini

How do people in Freiburg eat asparagus?

In Freiburg, asparagus is traditionally served with sides such as Kratzete, new potatoes, and cooked ham. Kratzete are torn pancakes, similar to the specialty Kaiserschmarrn. Hollandaise sauce or butter round out the asparagus dish.

Spargel essen in Freiburg
Spargel essen in Freiburg - © shutterstock-hlphoto

Where can you eat asparagus in Freiburg?

The coziest and most fun way to eat asparagus in Freiburg is in one of Freiburg’s many seasonal wine taverns known as  seasonal wine taverns known as Straussenwirtschaften, where you can enjoy asparagus in every imaginable way. Whether it’s with Kratzete or in a pancake, with butter or hollandaise sauce, or as a salad or a soup, the main thing is the delicious taste. We should mention that Freiburg’s pubs and restaurants also treat their patrons to the exquisite vegetable during asparagus season.

Straußenwirtschaft - © FWTM-Antal

White or green asparagus? That’s the difference

In Freiburg, you will typically find white asparagus, which grows below ground. Once the asparagus tops break through the surface of the soil, then it’s time to harvest. In contrast, green asparagus grows above ground. Its rich color and stronger flavor are due to its exposure to sunlight and the plant pigment chlorophyll through photosynthesis.

Spargel essen in Freiburg: Grüner Spargel
Spargel essen in Freiburg: Grüner Spargel - © FWTM-Antal

Asparagus stands in Freiburg

During asparagus season, you can buy asparagus practically everywhere in Freiburg. One really nice experience is buying asparagus at the vibrant Cathedral farmers market or at one of the smaller weekly farmers markets in the various parts of town. You can also purchase fresh asparagus at numerous stands on wheels, which you will usually find at the roadside.
How long does asparagus stay fresh?

Münstermarkt - © FWTM-Baschi Bender

How long does asparagus stay fresh?

If your eyes happen to be bigger than your stomach, you can safely store asparagus in a refrigerator for three to four days. Simply wrap the spears in a moist kitchen towel and eat them within the next few days. If you want to freeze asparagus, you should wash, peel, and trim the ends of the spears first. Prepared this way, the asparagus will hold for around half a year in the freezer. Quick tip: Put the frozen asparagus right into boiling water to prepare it.

Spargel essen in Freiburg: Weißer Spargel
Spargel essen in Freiburg: Weißer Spargel - © FWTM-Antal

Is asparagus grown in Freiburg?

Asparagus is grown in Freiburg and all of Breisgau. The cultivation of asparagus in the southwest has seen a huge upswing in recent years, with more than 2,800 hectares being farmed for this purpose. That makes asparagus the chief vegetable in Baden-Württemberg, even putting it ahead of lettuce and cabbage.

Spargelernte in Freiburg
Spargelernte in Freiburg - © shutterstock Ververidis Vasilis